Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Case of Emergency Break Ice

My wife recently told me about a tip she read about dealing with credit cards. Take all of you cards and put them in a zip lock bag, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. Once frozen you won't be able to use them everyday, but in the case of an emergency you'll have them in a few hours. It made me laugh out loud, but not bad advice.

When I thought about it more it was really good advice. Once you have any amount of debt the key to eliminating it is to stop acquiring any new/more debt. Credit cards are one of the top sources of unsecured debt for people today. So if the only way to stop yourself is to freeze them in a block of ice, so be it. The credit cards companies themselves have been mandated on each months statement to tell you how long your debt will take to pay off. That dreaded minimum payment. Anything you can send in above that is your goal each month to paying down you debt, along with not adding to the overall amount owed.

Pretty simple advice, just not that easy to follow.

It will take changes in life style to accomplish this. Stop use the credit cards for things you truly can't afford. Cash should be used or you shouldn't make the purchase. Certainly you need cards for certain things, like booking travel, renting a car, etc. If you don't have the savings to paid for these things when the bills come in, you should not be making the purchase. Think about it. It might be time for a zip lock bag.

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